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I'd love to help you with YOUR animal shelter fundraiser!

animal shelter fundraiser
Photograph by Lanne Adams at a fundraiser-book signing for the
Humane Society of North Myrtle Beach, Inc.

Book Signing Appearances

Please contact me if you would like for me to come do a book signing to benefit YOUR shelter or rescue group. I'll check my schedule (and finances) and see if I can arrange a trip. I pay for my own expenses, I just ask that you promote my appearance to get the crowds out. Then I'll write a check to your organization for a percentage of the sales, right there on the spot!

If I have airline and/or hotel expenses, which I will pay for, I need to re-coup SOME of my expenses. So, I will base the percent donated to the animal protection group based on the amount of that day's sales. If the sales for that day are less than $200, I will donate 10% to the protection group. For sales $201-$300, I'll donate 20%. Anything over $300, I'll donate 30% of the sales to the animal protection group.

What can you do to make it a successful book signing? See the notes below the book signing dates.

Book Signing Dates for 2010

2PawsUp NC Shelter Rescue, March 27th from 4-8pm, Wake Forest Coffee Company, Wake Forest, NC
Citizens For Animal Protection of Warren County, "Pawfest Wine Festival", May 16th, Warrenton, NC


I no longer do events where I am one of several vendors at a fundraiser. It is just not cost- effective for me. Sales are very good however, if I am the focus of the event. Because I pay for my own way there and all expenses as well, I need to have good sales so that I can write a big check for your group and at least make back SOME of the expenses from my trip. My husband and I enjoy these mini-vacations where we get to meet some really incredible and dedicated animal protection volunteers.

What makes a successful event? What works?

- Getting the word out to lots of people by use of fliers, posters, web site promotions, newspaper ads, newspaper articles & radio interviews
- Having the book signing in a good location like a book store, or an animal specialty store. Make sure to ask if the book store will want a percent of the sales. If so, it will affect the percent I am able to give to your group.
- Getting sponsors for the event to help with printing of the fliers or information packets about your rescue. Getting sponsors to provide goodies to be given to attendees or pay for my hotel :o)
- Scheduling two book signings at different locations during my visit.

Adding a discount coupon on the flyers for the store hosting the event. It will bring more people in.
- Giving out a raffle ticket for a really nice prize for each $10 spent buying my stuff.
- Making sure that all of your board members, volunteers and major supporters of your rescue/shelter promote and come to the event.
- Having volunteers at the event to tell people what is going on and that I am visiting from out of town to help raise money for your rescue.

- Promoting my appearance on your web site and on the web site of the store where the signing will be held.
- Posters should be prominately displayed at the store where the signing is going to be held at least a week prior to the event.

What doesn't work?

- As much as I love dogs, sales are not as good if dogs are at the event. I compare it to clothes shopping with a toddler. People are too focused on their dogs and not focused on buying.
- Being one of several vendors. I need to be the focus so that we can have big sales and so that you receive a big check for your rescue.
- Just having me sit at a table for hours without customers in the store knowing WHY I'm there.

What will I do?

I bring (or have shipped, at my expense) the books, plush toys, finger puppets and cards for the event. I provide my own purple shopping bags and I include a postcard with each order.

I can read from my books if you like, or just do the sales. I personalize each book signed with names and a hand drawn beagle cartoon. You can take the time during the sales to talk about your group and the good work you do for the community.

Who is my target audience?

My best customers are animal protection volunteers and board members. They like giving my books as gifts because they explain "WHY" they do what they do. I would also say that most of my customers are owners of rescued pets from shelters or rescue groups. Getting word out to as many people in your area involved with animal rescue is a good way to guarantee a big crowd.

The appealing price point

The price point of my items is also quite appealing. I have items ranging from $2.50 for single greeting cards, to $30 for the "Bongo Combo" (the GUND plush toy and book). People buy my items as small gifts for dog sitters, neighbors, teachers, family members and friends who love dogs.

What do we do now?

Once your animal protection group decides that you do want to invite me, and are committed to promoting my appearance, then we’ll figure out a date that works for both of us. I need plenty of lead time so as to get cheap flights or use frequent flier mile slots. Getting together after the event for a small dinner at a restaurant is always pleasant. I have met the nicest people involved with rescue and always enjoy talking about the success of your group and that day’s book signing.

I look forward to hearing from you. Contact me.


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