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Use my book as a fundraiser for your animal shelter or rescue group.

I've donated or helped raise over $17,000.00 for rescue groups and animal shelter fundraisers! Wa-hoo!

If you are an authorized buyer for an animal shelter or rescue group and you are purchasing my products for resell to raise money for your rescue group, use the PRICING CATEGORY of


on your Shopping Cart for 30% off of your order AND free shipping.

Please include your animal shelter or rescue group name on the order form.


Specials only for Animal Protection Groups:

If you order a box of 24 Gund Bongo beagles, then I'll cut you a REAL deal of only $10 per doggie! That is a 50% discount, not the normal 30%!

Animal Shelter Fundraiser Discount
Animal Protection ONE-TIME Sample Packet - one of everything for another 50% discount.
  • "Life Is Good Now as told by Floyd" - $10
  • "That Dog Won't Hunt!" - $15
  • Bongo by GUND - $20
  • Finger puppet - $5
  • 3 different bookmarks @$3 each - $9

For a retail total of $59.00. Your normal 30% discount would be $41.00, but for one time only, you get this sample packet for $30, a 50% discount!

Animal Shelter Fundraiser Discount


I live in North Carolina but am certainly willing to travel!
Maybe we can organize a signing in your town during a street festival or event.  If I can work it into my schedule, I'd love to come to your rescue or animal shelter fundraiser. 

Please visit my animal shelter fundraiser web page for information on book signing appearances if you are interested in me coming to YOUR fundraiser.

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