"Barker’s Dozen" ™ (a holiday medley!)
12 seasonal motifs (with non-seasonal reverse fabric) + a bonus birthday bandana!
XS = $72        L = $96
S = $78         XL = $108
M = $84

"Girly-Girl" 6-packs
6 bandanas in fashionably feminine fabric
XS = $42         L = $66
S = $48         XL = $78
M = $50

"Boy-O-Boy" 6-packs
6 bandanas in brashly boyish fabric
XS = $42        L = $66
S = $48        XL = $78
M = $50

Neck Sizes: XS = up to 10"
S = 11-14"
M = 15-17"
L = 18-21"
XL = 22" and up
(Measure as you would for a collar.)

Bark for Bandanas™ by Mail

ClubTier One: "Strut Your Stuff"
1 bandana will arrive by mail every month for a year
XS = $70        L = $94
S = $76         XL = $106
M = $82

Tier Two: "Look Out, Snoop Dawg"
2 bandanas will arrive by mail every month for a year
XS = $138        L = $186
S = $140        XL = $210
M = $162

Note: Prices for Bark for Bandanas by Mail Club are for a 12-month period and are due prior to shipping, but do not include sales tax or shipping/handling.


Humble Beginnings

Bark for Bandanas™ is a Raleigh, NC home-based enterprise. The idea behind the signature Barker’s Dozen™ came from trying to think of a way to help two friends who were planning fundraisers for two different local animal rescue groups. Next thing we knew, we were in business!

Our Product

Our bandanas are entirely handmade, and almost all the fabric used is 100% fine cotton which is pre-washed and pre-shrunk. All of our bandanas (except for some special orders) are reversible to give you and your pups twice the fun!

Special Orders

Made-to-order bandanas are available in various styles and fabric, with or without trim. Is your pup serving as ring bearer or "maid-of-honor"? We can create a simple, handsome velvet bandana or a fancy lace one with beaded trim to compliment your apparel. Prices vary depending upon fabric and trim and size. Just let us know, and we’ll give you an estimate.

What the Future Holds for Us

A full e-commerce website is still in the planning stages, but meanwhile, you can visit us here at (Be sure to check out "Floyd’s" wonderful books and related items, and the Grinning Beagle greeting cards!)

We welcome your comments and suggestions, and we sincerely hope that you and your pup(s) have fun with our bandanas!
We are a fledgling enterprise, but if all goes well, we plan to donate a portion of all sales to local animal rescue groups and continue donating our product for their fundraisers. So spread the word about Bark for Bandanas™!