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Beagle Book Reviews

What folks are really saying about the book

"Valerie Blettner has written a wonderful book about her adoption of three former resident dogs at the Durham County Animal Shelter. It warms the heart and speaks volumes about the love one can find in adopting from their local animal shelter. In addition to a story, Valerie makes sure to relay important pet owner responsibilities to the reader - neuter a pet; make a pet easily identifiable; and, walk a pet on a leash. The story speaks to young and old alike. The book also offers the reader of a pet(s) adopted from a shelter an opportunity to stroll down memory lane in reliving their own special pet adoption. Valerie has told a great tale and in doing so is giving back a portion of the proceeds to help those yet to find a loving home - that is also a wonderful story."

— Robin Rogers, past President of the Animal Protection Society of Durham

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"The story is a treasure, the pictures.... just excellent! Three very lucky doggies, and two equally as lucky "parents". I think this book should be therapy for anyone down in the dumps. You just keep smiling after reading it! This is one that we will be reading and re-reading!"

— Gerry and M.E. Renchy, Branford, CT

"The pictures and captions are very cute and the text is suitable for a wide age range. There is wonderful stuff in the book about responsibility and the good work of shelters, but the book never becomes preachy or maudlin. It hints at the darker side without letting it overwhelm the happy outcome."

— Susan Hogarth, Triangle Beagle Rescue, Raleigh, NC

"Had great response from the books!!! Almost sold out. Can you send me an invoice for 20 more books?"

— Richard Rice, Director, Lowndes County Animal Welfare, Valdosta, GA

"A friend gave me your brilliant book for X-mas, and I adore it! I will be buying several copies as gifts. I even read it (the sap that I am) to the dogs while they curled up with me one night on the couch. As a few tears flowed through this touching story, Oliver started his licking-my-face bit. This work of yours is clever, funny and deeply inspiring, and you, Valerie, are making a wonderful difference in the lives of ALL creatures. Thank you and bless you." — Mark Higgins, Durham, NC


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"Thank you so much. This book is adorable! It really gets the message out about shelters and spay/neuter."

— Jane, Swaney Memorial Library, New Cumberland, WV

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"Great book!! We love it! All the dogs at the Central Brevard Shelter in Florida loved it! They are asking for sequels!!!!"

— Central Brevard Humane Society, Cocoa, Fla

"Great story and hilarious photos (you have to look for the little things!) Thanks!"

— Pat Brown, Chapel Hill, NC

"Great idea for a gift, especially for other dog lovers! The illustrations are A+++!"

— Kathy Jones, Durham, NC

"Enjoyed it and was glad to see you worked in a plug for fixing. Also glad to see that Floyd is fair-minded and did not demonize cats."

— Mark Hellman, Durham, NC

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"The book is fantastic! Very creative. Give Floyd my best wishes!"

— City of Cleveland Heights Animal Control, Cleveland Heights, Ohio

"Great gift, especially for my beagle lovers."

— Jane Gapen, Humane Society of Greene County, Waynesburg, PA

"We are donating one to the county library, one to the school library, one to the Humane Society after people at the Pound have read the book! Thanks!"

— Waseca County Pound, Waseca, MN

"My 21 month old daughter, Phoebe, brought me the book this morning. Apparently, she had gone into her room, picked it out from amongst all her other books and brought it to me in my room excitedly saying, 'Doggy book! Doggy book!' Then she opened it up to the page showing Floyd at the computer and said, 'Doggy watching TV'. She really likes the book."

— Sharon Frazelle, Cary, NC

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