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Read A True Story of Beagle Rescue

"Life Is Good Now as told by Floyd"

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This true, rags-to-riches story is narrated by Floyd, a beagle who was rescued from the mountains of North Carolina. He was brought to Durham, NC, where he escaped a temporary home, was picked up by the animal control officer, waited out his time at the shelter and finally found the good life with my husband and me. We also adopted his sister and a mixed-breed bird dog from the shelter at the same time. The book is a funny, touching story of their journey to the good life.

The 6x6-inch book is formatted as a children's book with illustrations done by photo manipulation. The targeted audiences are children and adults, animal lovers and users of photo manipulation software. Throughout the book, Floyd is eternally optimistic about finding the good life, even though his sister, Rosebud, worries and questions most of the obstacles they encounter. At the shelter they meet Wilma, the mixed breed we also adopted, who hints that her former home wasn't such a good one. When they are finally chosen to come home with us, they are told that they have to visit the veterinarian.

"We were all taken to a veterinarian. I soon found out that "being fixed" meant that we wouldn't be able to make puppies. This was a good thing, because there are so many dogs at the shelter that don't ever find a new home. If more dogs were "fixed" then the shelters wouldn't be so crowded. This would make the jobs of the animal shelter much easier."

Thirty percent of the sale of this book will benefit an animal shelter. If you are an animal shelter or protection group, you can use this book as a fundraiser. The dedication page of the book includes a statement about the thirty percent and provides a blank line for your group name to be written.

My intention is that the book only be sold through animal shelters, animal protection groups or from my web site. Books sold from my web site will benefit the Durham County Animal Shelter from where our three dogs were adopted.

In the first two months, I sold over 400 books directly to animal shelters nationwide. Locally and through my web site in the first year I sold over 3,000 books, which means animal shelters have received over $9000! The Durham County Animal Shelter received about a third of that money.

beagle rescue; books about beagles

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