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Durham, NC 27707

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         Meet the staff of Grinning Beagle
grinning beagle staffI designed this picture as a pool party invitation several years ago. I held a contest and asked the children to tell me the significance of the name on the lifesaver. I was surprised that only one child researched the question and answered correctly that it was the name of Charles Darwin's boat when he visited the Galapagos Islands.

I did however get some WONDERFUL incorrect, but creative answers. These kids knew that Lee and I did beagle rescue, so the best answer was that H.M.S. Beagle stood for "Help Me Save Beagles".

Full time permanent staff

val ceo
CEO, President, Author, Illustrator, Web Design and Support, Sales & Marketing

lee with peaches
VP of Distribution
and Logistics
(he mails the packages)

floyd the beagle
Media and
Public Relations

wilma pointer mix
(non-beagle pointer-mix)
Human Resource's
Diversity Department

rosebud the beagle
Catering and Food Services

Boopsie the Beagle
Yoga Instructor

Contractors (former foster dogs)
murray the beagle
Accounting & Legal Services
sweetpea the beagle
Style and Trends Dept.
tanker the beagle
Fashion Advisor

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