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The Dog Book Reviews Have Been Incredible!


"He's been my neighbor for years. I didn't realize that Floyd had such talent."

— Max, black Labrador Retriever


"Fast paced and exciting, the way I like it."

— Baby, retired Greyhound


"A real nail biter; more nerve-racking than a thunderstorm."

— Sheila, Terrier mix

"Not since the movie ‘'Old Yeller' has a story touched me so tenderly."

— Luther, Golden Retriever / Black Labrador Retriever mix


"I was exhausted after reading such an exciting adventure story. I had to lay down and rest."

— Suzie, Basset Hound

Daisy Mae

"The book made me think about my past, and my good life now."

— Daisy Mae, Airedale Terrier / Schnauzer mix


"Two paws up!"

— Lucy, Beagle mix

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