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Greeting Cards!
(Check back often - new ones released frequently!)

5" x 7" Glossy cards with the insides blank
Box of 10 cards with envelopes, just $20.00

"Yummy Doggie" Greeting Card Series
Dogs so sweet and delicious, you just want to nibble a bit.

Written on the candy box:
"Beaglicious with soft creamy insides.
100% rescued beagles, contains no nuts.
Please spay and neuter your pets.
A Premium Offering of Tri-color, Red and White, and Lemon Beagles."

Written on the ice cream container: "Labulous, The dessert that licks you back. Please spay and neuter your pets.


"Delicious Goldens"
Fruit stand display of Granny Smith and
Red Delicious apples along with a yummy
selection of "Delicious Goldens"


"Poodles and Noodles"
Chinese take out of a colorful
assortment of Poodles along with some Chinese noodles. Fortune cookie reads "Please spay and neuter your pets."

"S'moyed S'mores"
A big fluffy Samoyed lies on a bed of chocolate placed between two graham crackers. Two puppy Samoyeds roast marshmallows while sitting on their own graham cracker platforms. The chocolate bar is called "Spay/Neuter" milk chocolate.

"Mixed Mutts"
A can of Animal Shelters' Premium Mixed Mutts served in a crystal bowl with a silver spoon. Special thanks to the SPCA of Wake County for providing most of the mutts in the bowl!


"Beagle Zen"
Becoming one with the bunny!
Beagle wearing
bunny ears and bunny slippers.

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"Beagles or Bagels"
Beagle morphed into a bagel morphed into a beagle. Caption says "Beagles and bagels, both are delicious with cream cheese.

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"Inside a Dog"
Famous quote from Groucho Marx "Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside a dog it's too dark to read." A look inside shows a man using a flashlight to read a book nestled in the guts of the dog. Notice the light coming out of the butt too!

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Caption reads "Next time we can discuss the fact that your mother is a bitch, but first you need to get off of the furniture." Dog on furniture while the shrink takes notes during their session.

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"Three Wishes"
This beagle wants to spend all three wishes on belly rubs. Inside caption says "Wishing you a happy birthday!"

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Pictures from the Books
"Life Is Good Now as told by Floyd"
and "That Dog Won't Hunt!"

"Floyd sings the blues"
from the book
"Life Is Good Now as told by Floyd"

"Driving Ms. Daisy"
the English Bulldog from the book
"That Dog Won't Hunt!"

Holiday Cards!

"Beagle Christmas Tree"

A delightful pyramid of rescued beagles. The inside of the card lists the names of all of the beagles.

"Beagle Wreath"

Holiday wreath filled with adorable beagles

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