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Sweet additions of a GUND plush beagle or a beagle finger puppet to make reading your books even more fun.

Embrace the peacefulness of the dog who wouldn't hunt.
Exclusively made for
Grinning Beagle Productions


GUND, the oldest plush toy company in the United States, is recognized for their unique softness, quality and design of their plush toys.

The real Bongo is a beagle who was surrendered to the local animal shelter by his owner, a hunter, because he wouldn't hunt.

Bongo, the gentle, peace-loving beagle from the book That Dog Won't Hunt!, is done in the true GUND style. Soft and cuddly, he is the perfect addition to story time reading with your children..

The plush beagle toy sits over11 inches tall. The rabbit on top of his head is permanently attached and Bongo is sporting a peace sign necklace.

Fun with your Beagle Finger Puppet

Sure, olives are fun...but beagle finger puppets are not as messy and are longer lasting!

Read along with your child,

or annoy your pet.








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